Changing biodelivery

CYPRUMED GmbH, established in 2015, is an Austrian drug delivery company developing a next generation platform technology for the non-invasive delivery of biologics, with a focus on oral peptide delivery. Key activities include formulation research and IP protection of novel formulations & technology out-licensing.

Our IP protected technology offers several advantages…

Our IP protected technology

offers several advantages…


Proof of concept with various peptides, proteins & antibodies


Several patents filed, first patents granted


Key excipients: FDA inactive ingredient list, GRAS status, USP/EP monographs


Low cost excipients, multiple suppliers, easy to scale up and produce under GMP

Shelf life

Storage stability at room temperature confirmed


Bioavailability increase via unaltered drug protection & improved drug transport

Our Team

Management Team

Advisory Board

CYPRUMED R&D Center: Eduard Bodem Gasse 8, 6020 Innsbruck, AUSTRIA

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You can leverage our expertise and network in the fields of

You can leverage our expertise and network in the fields of

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We are currently engaged

in various pre-clinical




European Patent granted

APRIL 2017

European Patent granted

from left: Dr. Martin Werle (COO Cyprumed), Minister for Economic Affairs (Hessen, Germany) Tarek Al-Wazir, Dr. Florian Föger (CEO Cyprumed), Prof. Dr. Jochen Maas (Head of R&D Sanofi-Aventis Germany)

from left: Secretary of state (Hessen, Germany) Mathias Samson, Dr. Florian Föger (CEO Cyprumed), Dr. Martin Werle (COO Cyprumed), Dr. Karl-Heinz Baringhaus, Head of R&D Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

MAY 2015

CYPRUMED wins first prize of Best of Biotech competition (Phase 2)

from left: Daniel Föger & Florian Föger (Cyprumed), Wolfram Schmidt (Roche Austria), Eva Prieschl-Grassauer (Marinomed), Ulrike Unterer (BMWFW)

from left: Florian Föger (Cyprumed) and Harald Mahrer (BMWFW)


CYPRUMED wins first price of Best of Biotech competition (Phase 1)

from left: Florian Föger (Cyprumed) and Patrizia Zoller-Frischauf (Member of the Tyrolean Government)

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Dr. Florian Föger

Chief Executive Officer

Florian Föger is the founder of Cyprumed GmbH and the inventor of its next generation drug delivery technology. Previously, Florian Föger was Director of Oral Formulation Research at Novo Nordisk A/S in Denmark. He is the inventor of more than 10 patent applications in the field of oral peptide delivery and author of 17 peer reviewed research articles in the oral delivery field. Florian Föger received a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Dr. Martin Werle, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Martin Werle held various leadership and management positions in formulation development, corporate strategy and global R&D project management at Syngenta AG, Basel, Switzerland. In addition, he has many years of international experience as scientist and project leader in the area of oral peptide delivery, in both, academia and start-ups. Martin Werle has published more than 30 peer reviewed research articles and book contributions in the field of drug delivery. He received an MBA from SMC University, Switzerland and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology from the University of Innsbruck, Austria.

Dr. Jürg Meier

Chairman of Advisory Board

Jürg Meier was the Executive Director of the Novartis Venture Fund for eight years. Previously, he was working over 25 years in various international management functions of the former company Sandoz Pharma Ltd., holding positions such as Head of R&D Biochemie GmbH Austria, Head of R&D Sandoz USA and worldwide and President of Sandoz Pharma Japan. During eight years he was a member of the Swiss National Science Foundation and supervised three NCCR programs (National Centers of Competence in Research). Jürg Meier was Chairman of Polyphor AG and of Cardiolynx AG and a Board Member of Tecan AG, BioMed Invest AG and Solvias AG. Today Jürg Meier consults entrepreneurs and start-up companies.

Prof. Dr. Uwe Jacob

Member of Advisory Board

Uwe Jacob was the main founder and first CEO of SuppreMol GmbH. Later he was holding the position of the Chief Scientific Officer and the Chief Development Officer. In parallel Uwe Jacob is teaching biochemistry at the Gene Center, Munich. Before working with SuppreMol he was assistant Professor at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and a group leader at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. Uwe Jacob studied biochemistry at the Medizinische Hochschule Hannover and the University of Southern California. He finalized his PhD thesis in X-ray crystallography in the department of Prof. Huber at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. Afterwards Uwe Jacob continued his career as a post doctoral scientist at Roche Pharmaceuticals where he also finished his habilitation program.

Dr. Ruedi Wäger

Member of Advisory Board

Ruedi Wäger was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aventis Behring L.L.C.. Previously, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of ZLB Central Laboratories, Blood Transfusion Service of Swiss Red Cross, and spent more than 20 years at Sandoz Ltd., where he had consecutive worldwide responsibilities for Strategic Research and Development Planning, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. Ruedi Wäger currently sits on the board of various biopharmaceutical companies. He earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.