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Drug delivery technologies for the non-invasive administration of biologics. We are collaborating with various pharma partners, including Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim and Ferring.

Areas of expertise

Cyprumed specializes in innovative oral delivery solutions for peptides such as GLP-1 agonists and Biopharmaceutics Classification System injectable (BCS Class IV) drugs, offering superior tablet formulations for enhanced bioavailability. With its team of experts and network, and its proprietary delivery platform, Cyprumed is at the forefront of the oral drug delivery technology industry. Cyprumed enables the transformation of novel peptides and BCS IV compounds into high-quality oral drug products.

Close-up of someone pouring a variety of pills from a prescription bottle into their hand

Cyprumed technology

The Cyprumed technology offers advantages over current delivery systems. We offer three oral drug delivery platforms: intestinal and gastric peptide delivery, and oral delivery of Biopharmaceutics Classification System injectable (BCS Class IV) drugs. By selecting the right delivery platform for your compound, we can make your API orally bioavailable.

„Our technology is not only highly efficient, but also easy to produce and scale-up, while fulfilling key regulatory requirements.“
Florian Föger, PhD, CEO

Latest news

January, 2024

Japan patent granted

September – December, 2023

Cyprumed enters into additional pharma collaborations

February, 2023

Cyprumed expands its lab capabilities to strengthen bioanalytics

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