Areas of expertise

Oral peptide delivery​

Cyprumed is specialized in oral peptide delivery. We have developed an innovative tablet formulation to make peptides orally bioavailable. Our team of experts has decades of experience in the field of oral peptide administration, covering prior positions in academia, start-ups, and large pharma companies. Cyprumed’s proprietary delivery platform has been demonstrated to be superior to state-of-the-art tablet technologies. We collaborate with various partners in the pharmaceutical industry. We enable you to turn your novel peptide into an oral drug product.

Tablet coating

Oral BCS IV drug delivery​

In addition to oral peptide delivery, Cyprumed has developed an oral delivery platform for novel Biopharmaceutics Classification System injectable (BCS Class IV) drugs, which are characterized by high molecular mass and poor aqueous solubility. Cyprumed has ongoing pharma collaborations in the field of oral PROTAC delivery. We help you to develop a best-in-class tablet formulation for your BCS IV compound.


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„Small scale non-GMP batches for pre-clinical studies can be manufactured with minimal amounts of API in our in-house oral formulation labs in Innsbruck, Austria.“
Martin Werle, PhD, COO
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