Key advantages

The proprietary oral delivery technology of Cyprumed has a number of advantages compared to state-of-the-art delivery systems. Key benefits include:

Technology platforms

The Cyprumed technology and patent portfolio is based on three pillars:

Intestinal peptide delivery platform

By using our proprietary intestinal peptide delivery platform, most peptide drugs can be delivered orally and lead to plasma concentrations that meet the PK/PD/safety criteria for further development. Our tablet formulations are based on a novel concept which goes beyond reliance on single excipients, but takes into account a more holistic delivery approach. With this technology, average double digit absolute bioavailability has been achieved with different peptides in large non-rodent animal models.

Gastric peptide delivery platform

Cyprumed has observed that for certain peptides, gastric delivery results in higher bioavailability than that after intestinal delivery. Our proprietary gastric delivery technology platform is based on a novel concept, different from state-of-the-art systems. With a range of peptides, high single digit average absolute bioavailability in different large non-rodent models has been demonstrated with our convenient tablet technology.

Oral BCS IV drug delivery platform

The recent increase in research activities on novel Biopharmaceutics Classification System injectable (BCS Class IV) drugs such as PROTACs has led to the in-house development of a proprietary oral delivery platform for such compounds. Due to their high molecular mass and poor aqueous solubility, specialized formulation know-how is required to deliver such drugs in significant quantities in solid oral dosage forms. With our technology, we have achieved average double digit absolute bioavailability. Our technology allows high drug loading into tablet formulations.


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